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Atlasphere Tour

What is Atlasphere?

Atlasphere is a progressive web application that treats a map as the canvas for content. It's a map-based content publishing system with social networking features. It builds on the idea that every point on the earth has the potential of being a URL. In Atlasphere, you can explore the globe for content, view curated lists of markers, search for content based on combinations of users, tags, location, and time, and easily author rich text content containing images, videos, and framed HTML. One of the coolest aspects of content authoring is the ability to construct specialized map views that can be expressed and shared in a URL.

I set up this tour to use Atlasphere to show off its possibilities. But first, let me familiarize you with the UI.

Map view

The basic view of Atlasphere is a map with markers.

Marker list

If you drag up from the bottom, you can see a timeline-like view of the markers currently displayed on the map. The list of markers is a small subset of the growing list of markers in the system. Tap on one and it will select its map marker.

Side panel

You can slide out a panel from the left by tapping on the Atlasphere logo at the top-left.

Login or signup

You can sign up for an account, log in if you have an account, and do things like switch the map from street view to satellite view. Tap on the X, or drag the panel to the left, or click somewhere off the panel to close it.

Interact with markers

Tap on markers to get a popup window. The More button on each popup window displays the authored detail view for the marker.

This tour uses yellow markers so it's easy to explore and then return to the tour. Some examples will be shown in separate browser tabs, so you can return to this tab to carry on with the tour.

Finally, this introduction marker also serves as a table of contents.


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Table of Contents

What is Alasphere?

It Started with POPOS

Collections and Social Media

Directed Collections

Example: Journalism

Example: Real Estate