Demo: Journalism example - San Francisco Crosstown Trail

Interactive demo:

San Francisco Crosstown Trail

Try it out in Atlasphere!


A writer for the New York Times, based in San Francisco, wrote an article about the new Crosstown Trail which traverses the city diagnally from Candlestick Point in the southeast, to Lands End in the northwest. Look at the original article to see how the story is divided into geographical mileposts.

This demonstration represents how articles of this sort can be “rendered” on a map. In Atlasphere, the article flows with pictures and text just as it did in the original, traditional single-page, but with geographical context. The Crosstown Trail article seems as if it were made for an application like Atlasphere.

Notice also how similar in structure the article is to the itinerary-based trip to New Zealand. Stories covering time and place can be better told when drawn on a map.

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