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Regional Restaurant Guide

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SF Gate provides news and entertainment articles for the San Francisco Bay Area. Like many news organizations, they use a picture carousel to pack photos and accompanying text into a single page story. Recently, they wrote about hidden gem restaurants in the Bay Area.

If you look at the original article, you need to traverse through the carousel, item by item, to see the restaurant they highlight for each city you’re interested in. Alas if what you want to see is in Mill Valley. You have to navigate through Alameda and Albany and American Canyon and ... .

Also notice that the address for each restaurant is shown in the caption for each photo within the carousel. In a feature article like this, the most important information is in the location of the restaurant. But there is no map to be found.

Atlasphere is the obvious solution for an article like this. Not only does it give geographical context for a city-by-city listing of restaurants, it gives random access to the restaurants you want to see and read about, ripping apart the forced, item-by-item nature of the carousel. It also allows readers to capture and share a favorite by sending the restaurant marker’s link.

Information which is by its very nature tied to geography should use a map as its canvas. Atlasphere lets authors publish content to place and time.

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