Demo: Journalism example - Journey Through Brexit

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Journey Through Brexit

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Here is another example of a news article, again by the New York Times. This was a feature story on the fear and disunity in anticipation of the Brexit vote in several different geographical areas of the United Kingdom.

You can imagine how American readers, unfamiliar with the political and geographical relationships between England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, could be left without the full context necessary to understand the article. Where, for instance, was the area in Wales that was covered? Notice that if you zoom the map way in, you can actually see the pub where one of the photos was taken. You certainly get a sense of the rural nature of the area. Atlasphere brings important and valuable context to a story like this.

If you are reading this page on a large screen, you can see that Atlasphere is running within the context of this page. Imagine now how an online newspaper could make journalistic design decisions to post supplemental material in an embedded view of Atlasphere, or provide links to read a full article within the standalone Atlasphere application.

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