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Real Estate Listing

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A real estate listing is another example of sites that rely heavily on picture carousels. The agency sets up a page for a property with a textual description, a still photo or two, possibly a video walk-through, and a carousel of photos showing off the features of the home.

You can often see pictures of the surrounding neighborhood included in the carousel, especially when facilities and services in the neighborhood enhance the value of the home. And while a map of the area, centered on the property for sale, might be included in the listing, it lacks an aspect of interactivity and ability for real estate agents to present the home and surroundings in a manner exciting to a buyer.

This is an example of a condominium in an older building for sale. A big selling point for this property is its walking distance proximity to great schools, shopping, and services in the area. The map as a canvas approach allows an agent to author a compelling presentation of the home and its surroundings. In fact, a real estate agent can invest time in documenting their service area and reuse that effort for homes they list in the future.

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